Summer Season at the Volcano Adventure Camp

For information on reserving space at the VAC for your youth group this summer,

please visit the Volcano Adventure Camp page.


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VAC Availability Calendar

2018 Calendar

To Use This Calendar: Look at the dates you wish to camp at the VAC, consider your group size, and varify your eligibility with the Reservation Instructions. Groups ranging from 15 - 40 people will need 1/2 the camp. Groups ranging from 41-80 people will need the full camp (two halves). 


The note "OPEN: 1/2 VAC" means that half the camp is available on that date.  If two "OPEN: 1/2 VAC" notes are listed, then the full campground is available on that date.  Once you've selected an available dates (no less than 3 and no more than 5), complete the Online Application to request those dates for your youth group.