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Reach the Peak

Lassen Peak Trail Rehabilitation

The Lassen Park Foundation is aiding Lassen Volcanic National Park in the rehabilitation of the Lassen Peak Trail. The trail allows visitors to hike 2.5 miles to the top of one of the largest plug dome volcanoes in the world, providing visitors with stunning views of surrounding areas, dacite rock formations, and an impressive overview of the Devastated Area.

Lassen Peak, standing at 10,457 feet, is one of the geologic pillars in the Cascades Range and one of the largest plug dome volcanos in the world.  It is also one of the few Cascades volcanoes where you can climb to the summit without technical gear.  Your reward is stunning views of the surrounding peaks and lakes, dacite rock formations, and an impressive overview of the Devastated Area.  The “Reach the Peak” project is a multi-year effort by the Lassen Park Foundation, National Park Trust, and National Park Service to restore and rehabilitate the 2.5-mile Lassen Peak Trail to enhance the visitor experience and accommodate its increasing popularity with hikers of all ages.

Goals for the Reach the Peak project included restoring many features that were a part of the original trail construction from 1929 – 1932. These features include a four foot width to the upper trail, a trail to the true summit, turnout areas for groups and resting hikers, and the placement of a summit register. The Reach the Peak project has improved the visitor experience including development of new interpretive materials, creating a route navigating the summit crater, installing an evaporator toilet, and removal of the park's radio repeater.

Rehabilitation of the trail began in 2010 and was completed in 2014.  The Foundation successfully reached its goal of $500,000 for this effort with the National Park Service and other partners contributing $1.7 million. The California Conservation Corps has completed the trail work, moving a lot of rock!

The Foundation with the National Park Service and its partners are determined to preserve this historic experience for the enjoyment of future generations. Together we will "Reach the Peak."  Thank you to all our donors.

Check http://www.nps.gov/lavo/parkmgmt/current-lassen-peak-trail-status.htmfor current trail conditions and temporary closures during the snow-free months to complete this work.

The "Reach the Peak" video provides a great summary as to why this project is important to park visitors and the Lassen region.

Thank you for helping us Reach the Peak!