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Fund-Raising Bears Visual Fruit

Kohm Yah-mah-nee, Lassen Volcanic National Park's first, year-round Visitor Center is now open.  A dramatic documentary about the natural and human history of the national park, funded by contributions from the Lassen Park Foundation, opened to critical acclaim.  The film, Lassen Volcanic National Park: The Story Behind the Landscape, describes man's history in the national park and describes the park's importance as an active site of volcanic activity.  The four major types of volcano are shown and described in a film that is both educational and entertaining.


Addition exhibits in the visitor center explain much about what makes Lassen Volcanic National Park so fascinating.  Donors who gave $1000 or more are memorialized on a donor wall inside the new Visitor Center.


The design-build contract was awarded to Slayden Construction Group of Stayton, Oregon in June. The architect was Ward Young of Truckee.  The plans were adapted to a single-story structure of 8,800 square feet and include interpretive exhibits and displays, an auditorium for films and events, a fireplace, an outdoor amphitheater, a bookstore for educational products, a gift and souvenirs section, a restaurant, restrooms, first-aid services and after-hours orientation displays. The overall budget was $10.8 million, of which $500,000 was raised by the Lassen Park Foundation for exhibits and the documentary.

Donor Wall

Mt. Tehama--$50,000+

  • Anonymous
  • George and Maxine Murdy Trotter
  • Mildred S. Wales - In memory of Robert Marlin Wales


  • Ben B. Cheney Foundation
  • Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians
  • Lee and Judy Salter


  • Dr. Harry Daniell - In memory of Barbara Daniel
  • Dwight L. Merriman, Jr.
  • The Mitchell Family - In memory of Herschel K. Mitchell
  • Richard and Mary Stimpel
  • Donald and Carol Tallman - In memory of Arthur and Maybelle Carthew
  • Sierra Pacific Foundation
  • Brewster West Foundation

Kings Creek--$5,000-$9,999

  • Kate Baker Robert and Lynne Klein - In honor of Patrick Klein
  • David and Deborah Trotter
  • US Bank
  • Beth and Chris Wray, Johnson Family Foundation


  • Elizabeth Dakin Perry and Anne Harris - In memory of Tom and Sarah Harris
  • Gene, Arletta and Kelley Cortright - in honor of Elizabeth Kelley
  • Fred C. Hock, Jr.
  • John Koeberer
  • Pam Koeberer Pitts
  • Len and Gail McCandliss
  • Jan and Bob Morrison

Bumpass Hell--$1,000-$2,499

  • Eleanor Irene Atchinson and Family - In memory of Robert Atchinson
  • William Joseph Family
  • W. H. Baber, III - In memory of Suzanne LaForce Baber and W. H. Baber, Jr.
  • The Beatie Family Foundation
  • Robert and Judith Biehler
  • Robert Bignami James and Frances Blackwood
  • Judith Carroll - In memory of Richard Carroll
  • Dr. John A. Carthew - In memory of Arthur and Maybelle Carthew
  • Nels and Karen Christensen
  • Carla Cooney - In memory of John P. Cooney
  • James and Mary Jo Cooney
  • Gene, Arletta, and Kelley Cortright
  • Dr. Robert L. Dunbar
  • Dr. Hugh M. Eltgroth - In memory of Elaine C. Eltgroth
  • Arthur and Katharine Feidler
  • Randall and Diane Fossum
  • Pamela Furst - In memory of Jeanne and Herbert Furst
  • The Honorable John J. Garaventa
  • Jeff and Connie Grinols
  • Arnold and Elaine Grossberg
  • Terry Hiser-Haynes - In memory of Shandi Lynne Giessner
  • Grant and Kim Holliday
  • Bill and Jeanne Hubbard
  • Skip and Nancy Hubbard - In memory of Lester Bodine
  • Dr. C.K. Hubbard - In memory of Harriet Hubbard
  • Steven and Karen Jahr
  • Gary and Jerrie Katz
  • Elizabeth Kelley - In memory of Donald Kelley
  • Kenny and Dorothy Lindauer
  • George Lindner - In memory of George and Leola Lindner
  • Helene, Charles, Sarah, and Alex Linker
  • Richard, Jo, Chris, and Jenna Mathies Len and Gail McCandliss
  • Douglas M. McCready - In honor of Lucile and Howard McCready
  • Barbara McIver
  • Bill, Sally, Meg and Liz Mills
  • Mineral Lodge
  • Jim and Beth Glenn
  • Karen Mitchell and Randy Townsend
  • Lynne T. Moule - In memory of Lester and Muriel Bodine
  • Donald and Susan Murphy
  • Mrs. Donald E. Murray - In memory of Donald E. Murray
  • Robert, Lindsey, and Lauren Ono and Betty Masuoka
  • George and Gail Perkins
  • Ron and Nancy Piret
  • John and Joan Poimiroo
  • Charles and Mary Ann Priddy
  • John, Anne, and Ellen Read
  • Red Bluff Rotary
  • John and Karen Reis
  • Robert and Kato Reis
  • Roberts Memorial Foundation - In memory of Robert R. and Dorothia G. Roberts
  • Iris Logan Roberts Gene and Nancy Serr
  • David and Shelley Shakes
  • John H. Sharrah
  • Melanie Sherk and Kathy Scott - In honor of Ed and Billie Fiebiger
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  • Alex and Sara Sifford
  • Robert and Michael Simpson
  • Emmett and Ann H. Skinner
  • Martha Slade Temple and June Smith
  • Gordon and Nancy Soltau
  • Brenda Spanfelner
  • Jane Spencer
  • Daniel P. Thomas
  • Ward-Young Architects
  • Susan Watson
  • Benjamin Webster and Joy Wake
  • Donald B. and Ida A. Webster
  • Steven and Irene Zarwell