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In Honor & Memory Donations

Donor Honor Wall

Names on this page are listed in order of contribution levels. 


Our Lassen Legacy Circle includes the following members whose 'Passion for Lassen' extends for generations to come:

Susie Watson


Lassen Park Foundation has thoughtfully been gifted donations In Honor of:

Steven Jahr

Mary Bedford

Steve & Clare Gaston

John Sharrah

John Koeberer

Ardene Purdy

Jeffrey & Carolee Wagner

Sriram Murali

Sharon Stromness

Troop 150 San Francisco Council

Zachary's Franklin

Arthur W. Carthew

Brennan Golub

Chris Beck

USGS Geologist Mike Clynne

Zach Brunner

Kirala L. Povis


Lassen Park Foundation has graciously received donations In Memory of the following individuals' devotion to Lassen:

Joann Lockwood
Les Bodine
Barbara Daniell
Susie Watson
Arthur Feidler
Don McCormick
Ed Dutro
Jim Hazard
Leslie S. Wilson
Hubert "Hugh" Mills
Roy and Emily Sifford
Bill Siemer
Adolph Calegari
George & Leola Lindner
Rawlins Coffman
Charles Robert Vick
Edward G. Heinzel
Carolyn Pelkan
Kathleen Jo "Bird" Bernadett
Daniel P. Thomas
Don and Dorke Schultz
Robert H. Weitbrecht
Joseph Redman
Kenneth Hinkle
Meg Quiggle
Nancy Serr
Addie & Walter Sherman
Bob Royat
Carl & Ruby Swartzlow
Clarice Jennings
Dorothy Carol Girard
Jeremy Brandon
John F.H. Purcell
Lani McSweeney
Louis & Helen Scuri
T.J. Day
William E. Siemer
Carol Clark
Gerald & Helen Zarwell
Ike Bendall
Joe and Gerry DeRose
Nancy Rorty
Nathan Hale
Ted Friedline
Charles E. Keathley
James Moulton
Saul Eli "Chick" Shapiro
Conrad Bruderer