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Youth Camping Program


Youth Camping Grants have been completed. 

We encourage you to download and look through the application and instruction (right) and consider applying next year. 


Applications are released in January and due by the end of March each year.  If you would like to be notified when the applications are released next year please call our office and ask to have your name added to the Youth Camping Application list (530) 378-2600.  You may also e-mail us at info@lassenparkfoundation.org.

The Lassen Park Foundation and Lassen Volcanic National Park have been introducing youth (ages 6 to 18 years) to the joys of camping in a national park since 1996. This summer enrichment program provides facilities and resources for non-profit organizations, public schools, and local government programs that serve at-risk or underserved youth from throughout Northern California. Through camping, exploration, and education, the youth camping program addresses the following goals:

  • Educational excursions provide opportunities for young campers to step into Lassen's rich natural and cultural history.
  • Through exploration of Lassen Volcanic’s mountain ecosystems, campers discover their connection to the complex web of life.
  • Ranger-led environmental education activities emphasizing teamwork and cooperation enable children to safely experience the great outdoors.
  • Campers enjoy fun outdoor activities, which encourage healthier lifestyles through exercise.
  • Unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors foster future stewardship for our national parks.


Annual Youth Camping Grants

Each year, the Foundation provides small grants to non-profit youth organizations to facilitate camping trips for at-risk or underserved youth. Grants up to $1,000 help these groups cover the cost of camping supplies, food and transportation. Schools suffering from lack of funding, group homes, foster care agencies, mentoring groups, religious and urban youth organizations are among the many applicants who have received Foundation grants. Grant applications for the Youth Camping Program are solicited each winter with grant awarded by spring so groups can plan their trip.  Click Here for a document detailing the activities provided for groups participating in the Youth Camping Program to chose from.


Program Activities and Resources

The new Volcano Adventure Camp is located just 4.4 miles from the Manzanita Lake Entrance Station in the group campground formerly known as Crags Campground. This campground has been the site of numerous camping adventures by children participating in Lassen Park Foundation’s Youth Camping Program for many years.


The Volcano Adventure Camp accommodates larger youth groups and can create strong connections between a younger generation and the park through outdoor immersion. It features ten (10) tent cabins, four tent pads (for traditional tent camping), two screened picnic shelters & BBQs, two amphitheaters, and a shower facility.  Previously, youth groups were required to bring all of their own camping gear, so these expanded facilities have improved accessibility for a greater number of groups and reduce the amount of equipment required for first-time campers.  The costs of these facility upgrades were made possible through fundraising by the Lassen Park Foundation and project funding through the National Park Service. 


For the past 19 years the Youth Camping Program has supported non-profit youth groups that serve at-risk or underserved children by awarding scholarships to offset their camping costs.  Many of these young campers have never camped or visited a national park before participating in the Foundation’s youth camping program.


In addition to camping facilities at Volcano adventure Camp, the Foundation and Lassen Volcanic National Park provide a dedicated youth camping ranger and a wide variety of environmental learning activities including guided hikes, ranger talks, and in-camp programs. Assistance is also provided by the park's high school interpretive interns who offer assistance with activities and act as mentors and role models for youth participants.




Donations of any amount to this program will allow the Foundation to reach more kids.  Thank you to all our donors for the difference you have made in a child’s life.

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