Paul Coots

Paul Coots is a native Californian, raised in Long Beach area through college. Paul believes his lifelong appreciation and affection for the outdoors developed from summer camping trips with his family. Paul and his wife, Kathy, have homes in Chico and Lake Almanor. They have visited Lassen Volcanic National Park since the 80s—no matter the season. Cross-country skiing is an especially wonderful experience within the Park; but day hikes, backpacking, camping, fishing and biking have always topped the list of great outdoor experiences. They spent a lot of time in the park with their children and are now introducing their grandchildren to the wonders of the outdoors coupled with Visitor Center exhibits and Junior Ranger programs. As retired educators, the couple considers outdoor educational experiences to be essential to all kids. Paul believes connecting others to the experiences that our national parks provide is very important. He is interested in promoting the Park’s treasures to others and impressing the importance of preserving our parks for future generations.