Kacey Koeberer

Kacey Koeberer serves as Art Director at The California Parks Company, overseeing the artistic direction of the company, supervising graphic, photo and video content for all operations and assisting the marketing department in developing visually evocative campaigns. She is a member of the Art Directors Guild and is committed to the important role of design in cultivating  enthusiasm for life and in particular, interest in the outdoors.

Ms. Koeberer’s background is in entertainment, lending her creative energy to television and film productions for HBO, Showtime, AMC and Direct TV.  LVNP was the backdrop of her childhood and still one of her most treasured places, she is honored to play a part in its preservation as a member of the board. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Film from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has also studied Design & Communication Arts at University of California, Los Angeles.